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Following my Bikini Fitness journey a lot of people have asked me "so, whats next?”
I always set myself goals, constantly challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone so after competing it was important for me to find a new direction and set new goals. This time not quite as glamorous but nevertheless the best investment for my personal and professional life.

During the years I’ve accomplished a lot but one thing I never quite achieved was inner peace and happiness. What looks good on the outside might not always feel the best on the inside so I decided to really invest a lot of time and energy into personal development - reading, affirmations, journaling, meditate, the whole shabam!

I always thought I was a bit “hippie” to do all these things and to be honest I felt like I was too busy for that kind of stuff, but that was exactly why I needed it! It took me a while to really feel grounded and whilst my life was a little bit chaotic at the time I stuck with my daily “Power Hour” and slowly but surely positive changes happened in my life.

I allowed myself to feel lost, threw myself out there challenging fears and gosh it was uncomfortable but I knew I needed it.
The dance studio and the gym had been my comfort zone for so many years and without realising I’ve developed anxieties around social events, food, meeting new people and generally doing “normal life”.
In my previous blog post I spoke about the aftermath of competing and in all fairness my experiences may not be the same to someone else's however it was definitely an add-on to underlying issues I’ve had in the past.

No Rain No Flowers..

Once my concentration and focus had improved I started to be so aware of my own self-talk and how many times a day I would talk badly about myself “you’re not pretty enough” “look how fat you are” “everyone else is doing better than you” and so on..the list was endless!
I started to write them all down and forced myself to immediately state the opposite and keep that as a positive affirmation.
I now have a long list of positive affirmation I say on a daily basis and yes, to be completely honest I didn’t believe in it in to begin with but repeating it daily really made a difference over time!
So if you struggle to be kind to yourself I’d highly recommend this - it really helps seeing that beautiful person you are born to be!

I also started to study various of high-achieving successful people whether that be in sports, business or arts. One thing the all had in common was a certain “No matter what” mindset, they’d all made big sacrifices and most also hit rockbottom before they’d really suceeded. Their purpose had become so much bigger than themselves and quitting wouldn’t be an option. This made me feel at ease… I realised its ok not to be ok and sometimes in life we have to go through the worse to get the best..
I want to elaborate on this subjects in a different blog post as it is so powerful but for now just remember the saying...No rain, no flowers!

Finding Balance..

When a child is learning to walk it falls over again again but it never stops and think “maybe walking isn’t for me” right?
As adults we should remind ourselves about that! Sometimes we need to get completely out of balance in order to regain balance.
For me personally that meant letting go of any rules about eating and dieting, train when I wanted, eat what and when I wanted (within reason of course)
It also meant cutting off social media from time to time and spend more time with people. Going out, lazy duvet days, learning new skills, meeting new people.

The fear of “what will people think of me” was the worse to conquer, not the actually tasks. I felt like I completely lost my purpose as a “healthy role model” for my clients, as if I lost all credibility and respect for not leading by example.
But I had to stay focused on my own goals knowing this was for the better longterm and also loving and respecting myself enough to make ME my number 1 priority.
Good things take time and I’m so happy with how far I’ve come and finally able to share my journey hoping to inspire others who may be in a similar position or somehow can relate.

The best project will always be YOU so no matter where you are on your health and fitness journey know you’re exactly where you need to be, as long as you are open to change and embrace it with all its ups and downs.
I’m feeling stronger and more confident than ever and so excited about bringing new business ideas together, continue to grow and become the best version of me, help others do the same and really live life to the fullest!

"Happiness is the Highest Level of Success!"

Thanks for reading..
Karina xx

For those who are interested, heres a few books and links I’d highly recommed for Personal and Professional development:

The Secret and The Secret of Power by Rhonda Byrne
You’re a Badass by Jen Sincero
Miracle morning by Hal Elrod

And Motivational Speakers to follow on social media:

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