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PUREFIT WOMEN is all about empowering and inspiring women to be strong and confident!

After many years in the Fitness industry as a Model, Athlete and Personal trainer I wanted to create a community to share my knowledge and experience and help as many women feel and look their best.

Its not about being a power-lifter or have shredded abs all year round but about embracing a healthy lifestyle, learning about Nutrition and Training, how to make better choices and prioritising "me-time" around a busy lifestyle.

In todays society its very easy to get caught up in social media and the "perfect" diet/body/lifestyle etc. but the reality is there is NO perfect!!
To me its so important to learn to embrace your own journey, celebrate your small victories along the ​way and learn to love yourself with all your flaws and imperfections. When we eat and train according to our personal goals and stop comparing ourselves to others life is so much more fulfilling...who wants to be a copy of someone else when we are all born to be unique and beautiful in our own ways!

I love the saying "Be happy with what you got while working for what you want"
Strive to be better, stronger and healthier every single day but also appreciate all the great things you've already got - whether that is beautiful hair, a lovely smile, gorgeous children, a great job or a supportive husband...you name it, theres always something to be grateful for.
Your goal weight should be where you live a life you love and feel good about yourself!

PUREFIT WOMEN started as a Womens only weight training workshop to teach how weight training can sculpt the female body and also to encourage more women to use the free-weight sections in the gym. It was a great success and since then I have hosted various of other workshop and seminars around Nutrition, Training and Wellness.
I apply the PUREFIT WOMEN approach to my 1:1 and online clients too and it is an absolutely pleasure for me to be a positive impact on so many womens health and fitness journey...

The PUREFIT WOMEN team is constantly expanding with new members and coaches - we support and encourage each other through Facebook and whatsapp groups, train together, plan events and share ideas... Lots of new exciting events planned for the rest of 2016, get in touch HERE for more information and lets get fit, healthy and happy together!

​"Your body is the only place you have to life, take good care of it"
Karina xx

For training tips, motivation and events updates follow
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