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Nourishment - Energy - Wellbeing!

Those are key values in Karina approach to Nutrition.
Through years of studying and researching as well as experience working with a wide range of clients, Karina has developed a holistic and flexible approach to Nutrition based on the individuals lifestyle and goals.
We are all unique and so should our eating habits be, therefore NO "One-size-Fits-All". All Nutrition plans are bespoke and tailored to your specific goals, lifestyle, dietary requirements and/or allergies.

​By combining Clean Eating with IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) your Nutrition plan is based on healthy whole foods to ensure maximum nutrient absorptions. It cater for all food groups and gives you a daily target for your Macros; Protein, Fats and Carbs to reach and maintain your goals. With your personal Nutrition plan you'll receive a guide on food sources for each macro category which makes it easy for you to pick the right food at the right time. 
You'll not only learn how to make the right choices to suit your body for ongoing progress and nourishment, it also offers great flexibility and allows you to eat the food you LOVE whilst still being on track with your goals.

Eating well should not be a chore - it should be tasty, fun and fulfilling!

Your bespoke Nutrition plan includes following:
  • Amount and type of daily Macronutrients tailored to your goals
  • Daily Meal suggestions
  • Recommended Food List incl. macro sources and portion sizes -Offers flexibility so you can enjoy a big range of different meals
  • Vegetarian and special dietary requirements options if needed
  • Recommendations for “off plan” treat meals
  • Fluid and Supplement Guide
  • Tips to curb cravings 
  • Healthy Snacks on the go

Available on its own or part of The Transformation Challenge- click HERE to get started today! 

What the clients say: 

"I love my plan is so flexible and I can fit in naughty food such as cheese and chocolate (which I love!) on a daily basis and still lose weight. I don't feel hungry or restricted as I used to and love how much energy I’ve got!
2 dress sizes down in 6 weeks, waist get slimmer and tighter week for week -I'm hooked, once you see results it becomes an addiction!"

"Learning about different macros and how they effect your body and metabolism has helped me a lot. I've always been slim and considered myself to eat well but now i know what food sources is good to have and when i dropped down 3% body fat and feel stronger and fitter than ever - im loving my training so much more now especially as i can start to see my abs pop through ;) Thanks Karina!"