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SOPHIA (32) A friend told me about Karina and after my first consultation I decided to start training with her. It was the best decision Ive made in a very long time! 
I have had other personal trainers before but I didn't feel motivated or see much results either - Now I'm loving every training session with Karina, she is working me hard but I love how much stronger and fitter I have become. I had already lost some weight just by cutting down on bad food but i still wanted to tone up, get fitter and feel better in myself and Karina has certainly helped me with that! 

Im now 2 stone lighter, reduced my body fat 9 %, my eating habits has improved massively, I have so much more energy and feel a lot better in myself! 

On top of that Karina has also helped me correct my posture and reduce a chronic back pain, I couldn't thank her enough for that! All the advise and specific extra core and Pilates exercises she has encorporated into my training has really helped me improve weaker areas and also made me enjoy exercise a lot more - even running which I never thought I'd be able to!
Karina is an awesome trainer and nutritional advisor, such a lovely person and really knows how to bring the best out in everyone! She's motivating, inspiring and regardless of your goals, she'll do whatever she can to get you there!


DANIELLE (21) The tailored Training and Nutrition plans Karina made for me were just perfect and helped me so much.
I used to go to the gym on a regular basis but only ever did cardio and a few basic machines. My diet wasn't the best but I was unsure what and when to eat to see results. 
I started seeing results after just a couple of weeks of my new Nutrition plan and I really enjoy it, never felt it was hard or boring to follow -so much variety and so much food! 
Through the training plans I’ve learnt to sculpt my body with resistance training and have gained so much more knowledge and confidence in the gym. I love my training and I love how my body has changed: so far I've lost 10% body fat and gain lean muscle and more definition all over my body - particular round my midsection which I've always struggled with. 
Karina has given me so many tips and advise along the way: Regarding Nutrition -how to curb cravings, different recipes and meal ideas, learning about macros, meal timing and food choices. I can always email her for advise or questions and it really helps me to stay motivated and working hard in the gym!  

CAROLYN (61) A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes - I was overweight and pretty unhappy too. My doctor advised me to start exercing and change my diet but I felt I needed more guidance and support to make those changes. After my initial consultation with Karina I was confident she would be able to help. With excellent knowledge as an exercise referral specialist and personal trainer and a kind and encouraging personality Karina has helped me so much.
At my age I have never thought I'd be coming to the gym on a regular basis but I throughly enjoy it. 
I am now the fittest I have ever been and feel so much more confident and happy in myself. Karina is truly passionate about helping others regardless of age and fitness level -I’d recommend her to anyone! 

JENNIFER (22) After having Karina as my personal trainer for 6 months I feel like a completely new person! I have lost nearly 3 stone and I honestly couldn't have done it without Karinas help. I used to have a very unhealthy lifestyle with too much take-aways and alcohol and struggled with the motivation to go to the gym, especially after long shifts at work. Now I am looking forward to every training session with Karina - its hard but I always feel great afterwards and its so nice to feel stronger and fitter each week - it really keeps me going and excited about exercising even in my own time too.

Karina has helped me developed healthier eating habits and I feel much better for it. I got so much energy and love I am still able to go for a meal or few drinks with my friends every now and again without losing track. Karina has proven to me it can be fun to get fit and I will never go back - thank you so much xxx

Vicky (43) Karinas ongoing motivation and support has been a huge help. She's kept me on track and focused on my goals, especially at times where I didn't see much progress. I feel a lot happier and confident in myself now - both with the way i look and what i am capable of in the gym. Training with Karina is challenging but I always feel great afterwards and it motivates me to workout on own too despite having a busy schedule.
My tailored nutrition plan has helped to keep a good eating routine without too many restrictions. There's plenty of variation and foods choices and I am slowly getting used to eating more small regular meals. I has given me a lot more energy and help reduce those afternoon and weekend cravings - I always got different options on my plan to choice from so I can treat myself without going overboard. Thanks for all your help Karina, I am always enjoying our sessions and would recommend you to anyone!

"Karina has been my personal trainer since February 2014.  Since starting training with Karina I have seen my fitness improve dramatically and I feel that I have far more energy and my core strength has improved beyond all my expectations!   I had never used weights before meeting Karina and she has shown me that they can really improve your tone and also your core strength and stamina.  Karina has also kept me focussed around my weight, something I have struggled with in the past, and she is always keen to offer nutritional advice as well.  I train with Karina once a week and it is never boring – she always mixes up the session and makes it varied and never dull , and the hour of training always flies by!
I cannot recommend Karina highly enough as she has all the attributes of an excellent personal trainer, as she is:
motivational - patient - challenging - thoughtful and good fun!"

"Training with Karina has been fantastic. Her motivation and ability to keep the workouts interesting and different means that I have grown stronger and fitter without ever getting bored.
She knows how to challenge you and push you to reach your best, I can't recommend her enough if you are looking for some high quality, well rounded and knowledgeable training."

"I feel a lot stronger and fitter since training with Karina. The training sessions are fun but always challenging and she knows how to make me work a little harder even when I feel I got no energy left. Her approach to nutrition and healthy eating has been really helpful for me too -my eating habits are a lot better now! Karina, thanks for pushing me and thanks for being a motivational, accommodating, knowledgeable and FUN personal trainer!"